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Vitus E-Mythique LT: The E-Bike Bargain of 2024

Meet the Vitus E-Mythique LT, one of the most significant bikes of 2024. Why? Because it’s priced starting at just £3,299 for a full-power electric mountain bike with an Enduro build, making high-performance e-bikes more accessible.

The E-Mythique is a new addition to Vitus’s lineup, focusing on affordability without compromising on modern geometry, robust suspension, and chassis performance. It’s powered by a Bafang motor system, boasting 95Nm of torque and a 630Wh removable battery, emphasizing value and performance.

This mullet Enduro e-bike features a 170mm travel fork and 160mm of rear-wheel travel. Its geometry is spot-on for a contemporary electric mountain bike, which is often not the case at this price point. A slack head angle, potent motor, and sizable battery make it both powerful and affordable, breaking the high cost barriers usually seen in e-bikes.

The big question is, can this bike compete against its high-priced competitors? To find out, rigorous testing was conducted on the same trails used for premium 10k+ machines, including natural single tracks, bridleways, tacky Enduro trails, and old-school downhill tracks.

First up, the heart of the e-bike: the Bafang M510 drive unit. With extensive experience using various Bafang motors, the M510 stands out with its quiet operation, minimal ratchet noise, and smooth power delivery even in race mode. It ramps up smoothly, making it comparable to other high-end motors on the market. The minimalist control unit and discrete display contribute to its sleek, modern aesthetics.

Bafang, a major player in e-bike motors since 2003, has successfully collaborated with Vitus, resulting in a system that’s both high-performing and well-integrated. The power delivery is smooth across all modes, with notable overrun after pedaling, which is useful for clearing obstacles. However, the initial sensitivity could be improved, but this is a minor software tweak.

As for the ride, the Vitus E-Mythique LT excels with its excellent geometry and rear suspension, providing a higher performance than its price might suggest. While it lacks high-end components like Kashima coating, wireless shifting, or carbon frames, its 25kg weight doesn’t detract from its impressive trail performance.

The bike is ready to ride straight out of the box, though a tire upgrade might be preferable for those seeking thicker casings for added confidence. The TRP brakes perform adequately, although they might not hold up on long Alpine descents.

In practice, the suspension tuning is impressive. While not as sensitive as premium offerings, it handles various terrains remarkably well. The rear kinematics offer plenty of support throughout the entire stroke, allowing for aggressive riding even with the basic shock.

The Bafang motor aids in climbing and navigating technical sections with its overrun feature, which continues to propel the bike forward after pedaling stops. This feature is especially helpful in preventing pedal strikes and makes clearing obstacles easier.

Battery removal is straightforward, though the key mechanism could be more user-friendly. The 630Wh battery is lightweight and easy to swap, making it practical for long rides. Vitus plans to sell spare batteries, providing more flexibility for users.

The Vitus E-Mythique LT stands as a benchmark for entry-level electric mountain bikes, offering incredible value for money. With multiple models available, including a higher-spec version for more intense riding, there’s something for everyone. While the entry-level version is ideal for casual riders, those with more experience might prefer the mid-range version.

In summary, the Vitus E-Mythique LT delivers outstanding performance and value, proving that high-quality e-bikes need not be prohibitively expensive.

The Vitus E-Mythique LT sets a new standard for entry-level e-bikes, combining affordability with remarkable performance. It’s a game-changer for those looking to enter the world of electric mountain biking without breaking the bank.


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